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Meet The Frogs!

Senior Account Executive

Nwachukwu “Chuck” Chukwujekwu

1The Family-like atmosphere across all swamps makes me tick. The best part is working with people all across JFrog swamps, all over the world, whose goals and objectives are aligned with yours. I am fulfilled knowing that I am part of the team that is spreading the value of JFrog Artifactory to prospects across the globe.


Being a frog means being a Pioneer.

Associate Product Manager

Claude Shubov

Since I started working at the swamp found My Global family. Now I not only have co-workers but also friends all across the world and I feel honored and grateful every day to be a part of such an amazing frog family. If you are determined to reach a goal, teams in JFrog will get you there, regardless of your role or position.

Every day I get the opportunity to learn from sales, marketing, support, SolEng, R&D, and product. Being able to work aside all of these great departments daily makes me feel like I am in my ideal position.

JFrog means working together, regardless of your role or department to better the company as a whole and win together as a Team!

Software Developer, Infrastructure services team

Maxim Yurkovsky

One thing which I really love about my job at JFrog is that we’re developing software that is used by all the largest companies in the world. I also enjoy the fact that I’m working with friends. Two of my colleagues here are my friends from 4th grade. My position allows me to practice a variety of skills with other frogs. Being part of the swamp means being a team player and play to WIN!

Customer Success Specialist

Meggie Juton

Right from the start, I knew JFrog is a special swamp! Every day, we get the opportunity to build strong relationships with our customers as a team. At JFrog, being a part of a team means that everyone brings their skillset, unique personality and expertise together to create one gloabl team. As a Customer Success Specialist, I work together with Solution Engineers, Product Managers, R&D, Legal and more, to build long term relationships with our customers built on mutual trust and care. It is truly rewarding to see our customers thank us for this valued collaboration and our contribution to their success. Just take a peek at our amazing customer testimonials page! I believe that the ability to re-invent yourself is the key that leads to your success and overachievement. And this is what we do here at JFrog. I’m super excited to continue leaping forward here at the swamp.

Meggie Passport
Senior Support Engineer

Aviv Blonder

What I most cherish at JFrog is the family-like atmosphere in the swamp. Everyone is always willing to help and it makes work much easier. Everybody counts! Your voice is heard, your opinion matters, even if you are just a tadpole – a junior frog. All doors are always open, all the way from your direct manager to the CEO. Being part of JFrog Support means you are a true Pro! You must be familiar with all JFrog products, all the features, all the tools. It’s very challenging but really enriches your knowledge while striving to excel.
Being a frog means being part of the big change JFrog is making in the tech world.

Enterprise Support Lead

David Xu

JFrog for me is working with customers, products, and technologies that constantly push the limits of innovation. The JFrog culture of collaboration, open communication, and care within and between the teams empowers me and directly contributes to customer success. And I have to say that I really enjoy the free drinks.


Being a frog means going above and beyond!

DevOps Engineer, R&D

Anastasia Grinman

JFrog for me is working with super talented people to create must-have products using the latest technologies. The JFrog DNA is felt in the air and encompasses an Emotional intelligence that goes beyond technology intelligence growth. Our customers are mostly techies from the R&D and DevOps departments and it feels great to contribute and enrich their processes as part of the automation cycle while rapidly improving their efficiency. We are doing DevOps for the devops! It’s just Amazing!

What Makes A JFrogger

Makes A JFrogger

win it

JFroggers go for the win, By setting our sights high, we've set exciting new industry standards.


JFroggers create outstanding products - but we don't stop there. Each day we push them a little further.

think BIG

JFroggers do more than deliver.
We aim to blow our community's and customers' minds.


We believe the best teams play together, leveraging each individual's strengths to overcome challenges as one.

move agilely

Software constantly changes,
and agility is key - which is why JFroggers are always ready to respond.

hear From Our Founders

hear From Our

We started JFrog by sharing a bold idea with the open source community. At a time when continuous integration and DevOps were terms that no one knew, we fought to give the community a universal solution that enabled automation and fast releases. We believe in liquid software: the continuous, automatic flow of software, from build to production.
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Our team works hard - harder than most. We believe in choosing courage and professionalism over comfort, and we practice our values every day. We engage the community’s wisdom to impact our roadmap. Along the years, we’ve gained the trust of the DevOps market and have become the worldwide industry standard for empowering binaries management.

We often say that "Once you leap forward, you won’t go back" – and we're fanatical about keeping it that way.

we take pride
in our success

we take pride
in our success

JFrog is recognized both as a global technology leader and as a great place to work. Here are some of the awards we’ve received for it over the years:

JMP Securities
“Hot 100” Software

JMP Securities 2018 Hot 100 List of Best Software Companies

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The 2018
SD Times 100 Award

'Best in Show' in Software Development

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DevOps Dozen

Best DevOps Commercial Solution for 2018

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DevOps Dozen

Best DevOps Solution Provider Executive

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Forbes Releases 2019 Cloud 100 List of the Best Private Cloud Companies

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Fast Growing
Private Companies in
Silicon Valley

Fast Private Releases Silicon Valley's private companies in 2018

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Deloitte 500

Technology Fast 500

2019 Technology Fast 500 Winners Software Companies North America

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451 Firestartes Award

Exceptional Innovation in the Technology Industry

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IDC Innovators Award

DevOps Acceleration Innovators

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Become A JFrogger

Become a JFrogger

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