Community: FrontEnd Software Developer

Do you love building highly adopted and scalable UI used by larger developer communities such as Java, C++, Golang? Are you a hands-on productive coder that can build fast prototypes as well as robust production code? Do you want to work in an amazing and energized team?

This job isn’t for everyone - you will constantly be learning new technology, rapidly understanding and prototyping, and delivering production-grade solutions that will be used by thousands of users.

Some of the recent work that the team delivered is https://gocenter.io and https://conan.io/center

Desired Skills and Experience

  • 5+ years of experience in HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and Front-end design best-practices
  • Experience in Responsive UI (Mobile first approach) development from scratch.
  • Experience in JavaScript , AJAX and other ES6(>) features 
  • Experience in UI architecture using tools like Webpack, loaders etc.
  • Experience in building a Node environment that can scale
  • Experience in building web applications with a focus on SEO 
  • Experience in REST web services consumption and design principles.
  • Experience with docker and k8s is a big plus.

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