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Community: Senior Software Developer

Do you love solving problems being faced by different communities such as Go, Helm, C/C++, Java or Kubernetes? Do you love filling in the technical gaps that make different projects work together? Are you a hands-on productive coder that can build fast prototypes as well as production code? Do you want to work in an amazing and energized team?

 This job isn’t for everyone - you will constantly be learning new technology, rapidly understanding and prototyping, and delivering production-grade solutions that will be used by thousands of users.

 As part of this team, you will work with the open source community to solve specific problems (examples: https://gocenter.io, https://center.conan.io, https://github.com/jfrog/kubenab, https://github.com/jfrog/kubexray, https://github.com/jfrog/helm-hub-sync), experimenting with new ideas at the frontier of DevOps, containers, cloud computing, developer tools, and security.


  • Design and develop production grade software/services following modern DevOps practices from src to runtime
  • Contribute to open source projects
  • Make informed decisions quickly and taking ownership of services and applications at scale
  • Write blog posts, technical articles, represent the company and products at technical level at conferences & external meetings
  • Social media influence
  • Evaluate new trends and technologies in the market, provide feedback to product teams, and promote innovative solutions

Desired Skills and Experience

  • 5+ years professional software programmer
  • Wide array of language skills (Go/Java/Python at a minimum)
  • Experience with developer tools & infra (build systems, CI systems, Git, deployment)
  • Experience with Cloud, Containers and Kubernetes
  • Familiarity with distributed systems & monitoring tools is a big plus
  • Clear and precise communication - written and verbal
  • Self managing, self directed


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