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Developer Advocate

Developer Relations has always been one of JFrog’s primary growth engines. Starting from the first Artifactory OSS version in 2006, JFrog was always driven by its users, and we keep doing it, both in our OSS and commercial activity, now with four thousand customers, sixty thousand installations, and more than two billion downloads of artifacts a month from various JFrog services. We are looking for a Developer Advocate to join JFrog's Developer Relations team. In this role, you will act as the voice of our R&D team, connecting JFrog’s innovation with the development community. You will also act as the liaison for our community to effectively deliver feedback to the JFrog technical and business teams. 

Who you are:

  • Engaging with the community drives you
  • You are a software engineer that not only loves to code but also enjoys speaking and writing about it
  • You are excited about new technologies
  • You can explain technical topics easily to both technical and non-technical communities
  • You deeply care about the software your company produces
  • You are ready to take the leap from R&D to Developer Relations, but you still want to stay hands-on
  • You are the best you when you share your knowledge

What's in it for you:

Take center stage and act as the voice of JFrog. You are about to become a rockstar and an influencer, online and in real life. People in the development community will want to hear what you want to share and people at JFrog will take your feedback to their hearts and to the company's products.


  • Getting the message out: speaking at conferences, meetups, and webinars; blogging, tweeting, recording screencasts; and generally, as we say here at JFrog, "ribbiting". Yup, that’s a lot of travel
  • Work closely with the JFrog R&D, Solutions, and Technical Customer Support teams to understand JFrog's technology and provide feedback
  • Find new channels and ways for engaging with developers
  • Work with the global marketing team to help build effective messaging and amplify the message!
  • Monitoring, measuring and managing your success: 
    • Developer relation activities
    • Social media activities
    • JFrog's OSS initiatives
  • This role includes frequent travel (worldwide)

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, or a related discipline
  • 5 years experience in R&D as a Software Developer or Engineer
  • Proven track record as a successful presenter and technical speaker
  • Strong writing and presentation skills regarding technical topics
  • Excellent interpersonal skills. Must have the ability to effectively connect with developers; enjoy attending meetups, technical events, conferences
  • Analytical mindset and must have the ability to set goals, execute and measure the results
  • Deep understanding of the developer ecosystem, especially in the DevOps scene
  • Able to express complex concepts in compelling language to resonate with developers
  • Ability to understand different developer personas and engage with all

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