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Developer Community Manager EMEA / APAC

Developer Relations has always been one of JFrog’s primary growth engines. Starting from the first Artifactory OSS version in 2006, JFrog was always driven by its users, and we keep doing it, both in our OSS and commercial activity, now with five thousand customers, sixty thousand installations, and more than two billion downloads of artifacts a month from various JFrog services, we are looking for a Developer Community Manager to join JFrog's Developer Relations team. Your mission will be to partner with existing technology meetups to orchestrate a global series of meetup events in the DevOps and cloud-native space that provide speaking engagements for JFrog employees and advocates to spread the word. You will also be responsible to run a multi-national JFrog speaker bureau that engages employees at JFrog offices in Sunnyvale, Seattle, Atlanta, France, and Israel.

Who you are:

  • You love engaging with event organizers and building mutually beneficial relationships
  • You are passionate about employee spirit and can be a leader for global participation
  • You are excited about new technologies and how they shape our world
  • You deeply care about the software your company produces
  • You are highly organized and metrics driven

What's in it for you:

Help build a free, global event program that helps developers learn about DevOps and cloud-native technologies in their home city. This is a unique opportunity to network with user group leaders, travel to JFrog offices globally, and create a program that builds real demand for JFrog services with measurable success.


  • Organizing meetups: Make connections with meetup organizers at JFrog office locations and within region that allows for a continual stream of engagements.
  • Cultivating speakers: Run the global JFrog speaker bureau to incentivize employees to share on social, write blogs, engage on forums, and present at meetups and conferences
  • Find new channels and ways for engaging with developers at our meetups
  • Monitoring, measuring and managing your community: 
    • Meetup frequency and attendance
    • Meetup trial volume
    • Speaker bureau social media activities
    • Speaker bureau technical articles and blogs
    • Speaker bureau engagement on Stack Overflow, Reddit, etc.
    • Presentations at meetups and conferences
  • This role includes frequent travel (worldwide)

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree
  • 5 years program or project management experience
  • 2+ years experience engaging with a technical developer community
  • Deep understanding of the developer ecosystem, especially in the DevOps scene
  • Ability to understand different developer personas and engage with all
  • Strong social media and networking skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills. Must have the ability to effectively connect with meetup organizers and network with and incentivize JFrog employees to participate and speak
  • Enjoy attending meetups, technical events, conferences
  • Analytical mindset and must have the ability to set goals, execute and measure the results

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