Content and Knowledge Manager

Being a Leader in a cutting-edge technology domain, we thrive to keep Learning as a top priority, ensuring up-to-date skills to our teams and knowledge access to our customers.

As part of the actions we take to promote this, we are focusing our efforts on self service.
At JFrog self service is being promoted as a Top Down approach, sponsored directly by the company Leadership.
Knowledge and Self service are at the core of JFrog Support’s concern, both internally for our team and colleagues, and also externally for our customers.
While we’ve taken our first steps down this road with developing a successful AI solution for better self service, we are looking at totally refactoring how knowledge is being produced, organized, consumed, maintained and more.


As part of this effort a couple of required building blocks are waiting for you:

  • Build a self service legacy - recruit a team of top notch self service experts
  • Lead the effort of implementing a culture within the Support Group of documenting everything and keeping it maintained in one system
  • Introduce a culture of knowledge sharing, contributing and transparency
  • Introduce a rewarding program for top and best quality knowledge contributors
  • Work on keeping the knowledge structured in a logical and self service oriented way (keep “AI everywhere” in mind) 
  • Manage the creation of fun, original and creative content
  • Work on maintaining internal and external Knowledge Platforms and recommend a new Knowledge Management Platform
  • Work with Google Analytics to check, measure and fix available knowledge quality and consumption
  • Take KCS to the next level 
  • Identify partners from other teams and departments to help you promote this “available knowledge everywhere” approach

Everything you will implement will be measured against improving 2 critical KPIS: 

    •  Support Case Deflection Rate
    •  Self Service Rate

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Relevant academic background
  • At least 5 years of successful past experience in Knowledge Management/Self Service Solution Development in a similar industry or High Tech environment (preferred)
  • Proven experience in positively impacting similar KPIs or other related metrics
  • Proficiency in Excel/ equivalent: you must be in love with data and making numbers speak
  • A plus for you if you have basic knowledge in MySQL/BI tools such as QlikSense
  • A plus for you if you have basic knowledge in Google Analytics, GTM
  • Be creative, innovative - your mind should be running dozens of ideas to implement by now
  • Be an enthusiast and a leader, have a go getter attitude
  • Above all - be passionate about what you do - you will need to find ways of being THE Knowledge Guru, promoting a top down approach around knowledge creation and management

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