Customer Support Content Strategist

Being a Leader in a cutting-edge technology domain, we thrive to bring the best in class products and services to our customers. 
We are focusing our efforts on developing high quality and innovative content, aiming at encouraging case deflection through self service.
At JFrog self service is being promoted as a Top Down approach, sponsored directly by the company Leadership.
Content and Self service are at the core of JFrog Support’s concern, both internally for our team and colleagues, and also externally for our customers.
While we’ve taken our first steps down this road with developing a successful AI solution for better self service, we are looking at totally refactoring how content is being produced, organized, consumed, maintained and more. 


As part of this effort a couple of required building blocks are waiting for you:

  • Match content and its delivery mechanisms with the priorities and goals of the Support Group Strategy
  • Build a self service legacy - recruit a team of top notch self service experts
  • Transform the way content is being presented to our customers by implementing innovative solutions and tactics into our Customer Support Portal
  • Manage and direct the creation of fun, innovative and creative content
  • Work with Google Analytics to check the content’s effectiveness, and if necessary revise it until it is hitting on all cylinders and until customers are fully engaged
  • Work on keeping the content knowledge structured in a logical and self service oriented way (keep “AI everywhere” in mind) 
  • Introduce a culture of knowledge sharing, contributing and transparency
  • Identify partners from other teams and departments to help you promote this “available knowledge everywhere” approach

Everything you will implement will be measured against improving 2 critical KPIS: 

  •  Support Case Deflection Rate
  •  Self Servicing Rate

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Relevant academic background
  • 5-10 years of successful past experience in a role that requested being innovative, taking risks and out of the box thinking 
  • Understanding your customers: help the organization figure out what makes our customers tick and heavily consume content, leading to case deflection 
  • Developing a Content Strategy: Develop a specific plan and workflows for content development/creation, bring in new ideas and innovation that will make the difference
  • Content Promotion: Monitor, react to, and market the content through the Customer Support Portal so that it leads to case deflection
  • Data Analysis Skills: Everything you do needs to be measured. Conducting A/B testing and running Google Analytics are just examples of what you’ll implement
  • Change Management Skills to keep content moving toward publication — you need to onboard the Support Team in the content creation effort 
  • Be creative, innovative - your mind should be running dozens of ideas to implement by now

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