Development Manager, Community and Partner Engineering

At JFrog, we’re reinventing DevOps to help the world’s greatest companies innovate -- and we want you along for the ride. This is a special place with a unique combination of brilliance, spirit and just all-around great people. Here, if you’re willing to do more, your career can take off. And since software plays a central role in everyone’s lives, you’ll be part of an important mission. Thousands of customers, including the majority of the Fortune 100, trust JFrog to manage, accelerate, and secure their software delivery from code to production -- a concept we call “liquid software.” Wouldn't it be amazing if you could join us in our journey?

We are looking for a Development Manager to join our cross-functional team in the role of Development Manager - Community and Partner Engineering. 

As a Development Manager - Community and Partner Engineering in JFrog you need...
  • Lead team addressing issues faced by programming communities (Go, Java, C++, Kubernetes)
  • Responsible for integrations with partners (Google, Microsoft, Atlassian, Amazon) to solve problems in CI/CD domain
  • Develop code for, write documentation for, and debug variety of products (JFrog and its partners)
  • Test new software compatibility with existing software and fix technical problems while testing
  • Design, prototype, and implement graphical user interfaces
  • Set up/build CI tooling and use Continuous Integration tools (CI server, VCS, and Artifactory)
  • Design, develop, maintain Apache Ant and Maven based scripts to automate builds and releases
  • Work with retrieval, compilation, obfuscation processing
  • Package source files (Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX)
  • Work with embed javascripts (apache ant, samba server, NFS configuration) to connect different platforms and java class files scramblers
  • Work with Continuous Deployment Tools
  • Influence features/roadmap of JFrog’s tools to match customers’ needs
  • Keep current with latest technology trends related to Build Engineering at landscape of Continuous Integration/Delivery
  • Work with development, product, and sales managers in product development
  • Participate in technical discussions and contribute to architectural/technical decisions
  • Solve problems faced by communities [cloud-native (Kubernetes, helm), Galang, CIC++, Java]
  • Identify/initiate investigations of new technologies, prototype, test solutions for product features
  • Design/validate designs to deliver user experiences
  • Solve technical problems
  • Meet product objectives using agile methodologies
  • Leverage modern DevOps tools/environments (kubernetes, containerized microservices) to produce high quality/on-time results
  • Work with cross-functional teams; align roadmap deliveries; resolve conflicting priorities; manage dependencies
  • Design, implement, oversee rollout of distributed microservices (kubernetes, cloud-native storage)
  • Use package managers (Maven, Helm, go modules, obfuscators) to secure/optimize
  • Manage business critical development pipelines at scale
  • Work with containerized deployments (public cloud, network infrastructure, monitoring tools, NFS)
  • Develop/manage highly available/extensively-used production environment
  • Manage delivery of complex features with cross-team dependencies
  • Use software engineering principles/processes
  • Execute projects/optimize strategies
  • Improve software reliability/release predictability
  • Use software development metrics
  • Supervise others
To be a Development Manager - Community and Partner Engineering in JFrog you need...
  • Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Information Science, or Business Administration plus 2 years experience.
  • Experience to include designing/developing Apache Ant and Maven based scripts to automate builds/releases; working with retrieval, compilation, obfuscation processing, packaging source files (Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX).
  • Working with embed javascripts (apache ant, samba server, NFS configuration) to connect different platforms/ java class files scramblers.

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