The JFrog CODEX is a collection of values communally written by JFrog employees, our Frogs.
It’s our “north star.” It’s a commitment to how we treat one another, the community, the marketplace and the world.

  • Integrity

    Morality, decency, transparency.
    You might make mistakes, but you should always play fair
  • Community and Customer Happiness

    Fueled by user satisfaction,
    be a pain solver focused on the solution and not on the problem
  • Thinking BIG

    Nothing is too small,
    every detail counts
  • Everyone Counts Everyone Matters

    Start the day with a “WE” commitment
  • Innovation

    Dare to go beyond your comfort zone
  • Team Spirit

    Mutual trust, joint effort, collaboration
  • Open Communication

    Anyone can approach everyone about anything at any time
  • Agility

    Change is an opportunity
  • WIN!

    With a “good enough” mindset, we’ll never achieve greatness
  • Care

    We care more, it’s the source of our better-ness